Last Things Last

by Dead in Four

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Kristen Ford Synth pop glory hole!!! Favorite track: Feet to Ground.
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Took long enough to put this bad boy together, but here it is. Definitely a mix of different genres, there was plenty of wing-stretching going on. Hopefully it all came through in a semi-cohesive manner.


released June 25, 2016

All music written, performed, and recorded by Mark Oswald.
Fiddles and backing vocals on "Don't Follow" by Betsy Green.
Album photo by Betsy Green.



all rights reserved


Dead in Four Bedford, New Hampshire

New Hampshire, New York, New England, whatever...

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Track Name: Every Single Light
I thought i'd never trust a light in the dark
And I'd never have a moment to appreciate it all
But these understandings get right in the way
Of proving that I was a fool to not get up again
How hard should you have to fight?
How hard should you have to fight?

Do I beg to silently scream?
Do I even break out of this cage that I'm in
But I feel a memory, I hold it again
Are you another trophy for my sin?
Or are you going to bring the light in?
Are you going to bring the light in?

Don't think at all
Don't be afraid
I've left it all behind me now
We all make mistakes
I got a need to come home
Best thoughts are with us now
The truth is all known
Yes now the truth is all known

You're so easy on the mind, not too hard on the eyes
I'm no poker player, this is not a disguise
Even if I seem to act so unwise
I'll never get out of this cage I describe
Every single light in the dark
Your my every single light in the dark
Track Name: The Last Leaving Song
Take a look, love.
Do you like how I built this?
Can you see any merit?
Can you even believe it?

Take a seat, dear
Let me explain the notion
Can you see where I'm coming from?
Can you believe we're all done?

Oh, I've been thinking a lot tonight
Time and time again, I'm feeling like I have got to move on
Oh, the old blinking eye trick is worn out
You won't fall for that, so I will not insult or injure( no)

All I've loved and all you've hated
It couldn't be more complicated
but I don't think it's right
To push this off another night

All I have and all I've wanted
To be part of this house you've haunted
I don't think it's right
To hide dark in the light

Call it what you will
Make a beating heart stand still
Rehash names of our past loves
I've been thinking way too much...

Oh, I've been dreaming a lot tonight
Time and time again, I'm feeling like I have got to move on
Oh, the old blinking eye trick is worn out
You won't fall for that, so I will not insult or injure( no)

Things I've seen and all you've witnessed
A fatal flaw, this failing business
We're holding on too tight
To push this off another night

The winds have come and left you frozen
While I wake up with another human
This all ends tonight
Yeah, this all ends tonight
Track Name: Feet to Ground
I used to scan the room, pretend to be
a knight in the armor or a worthless king
Hopped up pride, an ego's treat
When you get that lost, yeah you've got to leave

Thinking about you, brings me right back
Thinking too much, and I just crack

The capitol, crime of love
Is thinking that, you're the one above
We're beautiful, in the beholder's eye
Afraid that if we crack, the other will fly

Maybe we should nail our feet to the ground
So we could stand tall, not runaway
Maybe we should hold on tight to each other
And talk the night away

Maybe I should deliver on these things.
These things that, I keep promising
I know that you could never let me down
and I can't seem to

Take my hand a moment, let me explain
Taking sides in a fight, nobody can win
Track Name: Don't You Know?
You, you lick my wounds and quell the fumes of the fire you set inside my heart
(You set in my heart)
You, you know your role and fuel the soul of this poor and wretched creature, now
(You did it just now)

Don’t you, don’t you know?
I’m swaying to the breeze and tango
Just figuring the right way to go...out for the night
Don’t you, don’t you see?
All this presence and without a place to be
A crime that’s going down in history...but it’s alright

I, support your cause and hold the laws of nature somewhere deep within my bones
(Within my bones)
If, I ever saw a single flaw, I must be going crazy.
I won’t let the world poison my heart...
when it comes to you now

Can’t you see the sunrise? Can’t you feel...?
The certainty between us, yeah it feels so real
We both spent many years now, wandering from coast to coast
But it’s you I see when I close my eyes, yes you I feel the most
Track Name: Dónde Está La Carne?
I'm so reluctant,
so shit-faced, cheap, bored and buried
Don't ask me to control,
my own simple reactions

I'm just an animal
prone to outbursts of violence
If I could be put down
would you want to have a go ?

How far, the distances, in between, tell me now
Can we look, past ourselves, and become, something else?

There's war on the table
Won't you let me in?
Casting doubt in the wrong direction
We're on the table
Won't you let me in?
There's something about this state we're living in
Pointing blame in the wrong direction
We're all on the table
Won't you let me in?

Bestill my broken heart
Revert to ancient wisdom
tell me how they used to live
Bring the cross into the building

We're all just animals
Some more evolved than others
Too open to control
Somehow we'll stop

Tell me how to live
Don't you want a piece of this?
Is it too late to come home?
There's something in these bones
Track Name: Low Lights
Party animal
Your voice gets louder
Drink a little more
You're such a charmer

Well a lot of people say that you're off the deep end
I won't argue
But a lot of folks say you're doing fine
Who knows what's the truth?

In the nighttime
If it feels right
Let it get a little crazy inside
In the nighttime
In the the low light

In the meantime
Feel nostalgia
I admit that I'm worried about ya
In the low light
Doesn't feel right

Pour another one
The glass gets fuller
Then it all comes out
and you want another

Now a lot a of people don't have the same reaction
They're not like you
If I seem a little shaken up, what can I tell you?
Come on, let's get gone
Track Name: Avoid the River
These drinks, they flock to me
A liquid currency
And too much time to regulate this poison unto me
Do you know the things you do?
I used to do them to,
But now I see a drowning in the water under you

Be well, you say it true
But don't be so black and blue
You're moving on to oceans where you'll never find the truth
You're still a small fish, can't master this
So why try to expand
Good luck among those animals, I'll stay here on the land

Oh, I know i'll never get you back
Oh, I know i'll never get you back
Oh, I know i'll never get you back
But avoid the river, call me crazy

Small fish! Can't master this!
No Concrete! Under your feet!
In vitro fundamentalist!
Don't get sick of all the poison!
Track Name: Another Lesson
I was a mess
and you were a wreck
Both lying facedown in the kitchen
After another long night of drinking
It was time for self-reflection
But this is the truth...
Are you feeling it too?
Rather than hash out a plan to stop this
What say you grab another bottle and we ride this
to it’s logical conclusion?

But here’s another lesson to,
Any other travelers like you
Who fa-a-a-all asleep at the wheel your turning
Don’t tell me you got a deathwish, friend
Effect a turnaround
You drove along...
that road until the street sign, became a thing to wrap around

We were a waste
But we could be more
Than lying facedown on the kitchen floor
After another long night of drinking more...
than healing our resentment
Tell me your truth
Are you feeling it too?
Rather than waking up feeling black and blue
How bout we learn another lesson too...
And get the fuck out of the kitchen?
Track Name: Overcast
Oh oh oh oh won’t take me down the hallway of your memory?
We could fix some things and wipe the slate clean
Noooo I don’t think that process can be done so easily
Though I wish with every fiber of me; bring me where i’m “not to go”

Ohhh oh oh oh
First it’s fast and then it’s slow
but all these connections let me down
Take your time and good may come,
but the uninterested sun
will stay only as long as it can, before it has to cross the land

Ohhhh have we chipped at least a little piece away tonight?
Or are we in for a bout of “you’re wrong, i’m right”?
Noooo there might not be the time to argue for seniority
Please don’t steal the healing moments from me; I fear it may be over soon

Don’t you recognize the signs?
The heartache that I went through is keeping me alive
She was a disaster you know
No more lying to yourself, let’s take that higher road
You’ve got someone depending on you now
Track Name: Don't Follow
I'm lifting my spirits again
In the bottle or under my chin
Whatever I can get, or whatever is given to me
And I walk down the alleyways
Looking for something to cool my days
And you know I just can't stand the way that you're looking at me

All that I have left to say
Now that your Gods got in the way
No I can't seem to find the words or the melody

Don't you, don't you blame it on me
Cuz I can't seem to get to my feet
Don't you act like you don't believe
There's no one else to blame but me
When I lost you to the night
It should've come as no surprise
Now all that’s left to write...
"Don't follow, I won't lead"

I'm up and i'm at it again
But I'm not making any sense
And I can't seem to shake the feeling that's come over me
All my make-up from day to day
Feels so empty with nothing to say
But those feelings inside, they don't seem to go away

Now that you have see the things
Inside my head and all they bring
No you can't seem to find the words or the melody